3 Crucial Things to Consider Before Buying Car Covers

Most car owners would ask themselves and others, preferably car experts this question: when is the right time to buy car covers? There are times when it may seem that owning a car cover can be superfluous considering one has a garage that can protect his car from any harm outside of it.When is the right time to get a cover for your car? Here are some of the things you need to look into them if you have been considering getting one for yours:Garage, for more information check out this site http://carcover.com. It is advisable for a lot of owners to get car covers if they don’t have enough garage space for it or if they don’t have a garage in their homes at all. If one does not have a garage in his home, there is no other way he can protect his prized car from any extreme weather conditions like heavy rains that may damage its paint job, perhaps even put a scratch on his automobile’s hood among others. A car cover over your automobile should also keep some people away from intending to harm your vehicle even if you are without a garage in your own home.Parking spaces. If you are the kind to park your car anywhere because, perhaps, say the nature of your work then you would need a cover to protect your car. Anything can happen in parking spaces. If you want to keep your car safe from any of those intending to inflict damage on it, then you should cover your car with a good cover time and again even in a parking lot. Now, if it does rain outside while it is in a parking lot, you can also use these car covers you’d bought to keep it dry. Water can easily damage a car’s paint job if it keeps getting exposed to it in the long run after all.Is the car you own new? If you are worried about damaging your pristine, newly painted car then perhaps you should look into covers to protect it from acquiring scratches everywhere. Many car owners actually worry about how their cars would look in a year’s time or two and this is why they are often looking for a car cover that can protect theirs from any damage that can be inflicted on it. If you are among those who are worried about the appearance of your car then you should look into these covers for cars.Car covers are necessary when one longs to preserve the look of his car. It is especially necessary to have a cover for a car if one does not have access to a garage or a safe public parking space that can protect it from extreme weather conditions.

Fabric seat covers

The fabric seat covers are the most affordable on the market and there is a huge choice of colors, patterns and textures. If you want to customize your car at a lower price, the fabric seat covers are the obvious choice. On the other hand, if your goal is to protect your seats as much as possible, there are also fabrics specially designed to last despite the comings and goings of everyday life.There are all kinds of fabric seat covers on the market. The most popular are made of nylon, polyester and canvas. There are other more original choices, such as denim or corduroy, for a truly extraordinary look. Unfortunately, none of these materials are as durable as leather and most require frequent washing. Also, they are more easily stained than leather covers.

Leather seat covers

Genuine leather covers are the most prestigious choice, especially in the case of luxury cars. These covers are usually black or brown and there is less choice of style available to you. If you’re ready to shop a bit, you might be able to find more vivid colors like red or blue. If you want a more sporty look, you might prefer these colors. The main advantage of leather covers is its durability. Its maintenance is also much easier than other materials. In addition to giving a touch of luxury to your vehicle, the leather is easy to clean and there is less chance that you stain your seat if you opt for a fabric cover. On the other hand, in the event of a break or a stain, you will probably have to invest in specialized cleaning products or even call in a professional to solve your problem. Leather is also a lot more expensive than fabric, but you can get a higher resale price for your vehicle.

Custom seat covers

For a cover that offers both excellent protection for your seats, a touch of luxury and a custom look, you may want to invest in a custom seat cover for your car. You will have to pay a high enough price, but you will have covers perfectly adapted to your seats and you will even have the impression that they are original!Custom seat covers come in every conceivable style. You can choose between fabric and leather and among a multitude of colors, textures and patterns. You can even opt for covers specially made for pets or children.

Some tips to extend the life of your car

Be patient during break-in

You bought the car of your dreams and you want it to stay in perfect condition for as long as possible. Here are some tips to remember as soon as you leave the dealer: During the break-in period, usually the first 1,600 kilometers, do not exceed 90 km / h or the speed recommended by your car manufacturer. Avoid heavy loads on the driveline (trailers, caravan) and heavy construction materials on the roof or in the trunk. Do not leave your new car idling for long periods. In fact, it is better not to do it at all times, especially during break-in. It is possible that the oil is not enough pressure to be distributed in all parts of the engine. Make only light or medium acceleration to maintain your engine speed below 3000 rpm. during the first hours of driving.

Drive carefully every day

Do not stop taking care of your car after break-in. Drive carefully every day and your car will reward you for long periods without repairs. Do not roar the engine at start-up. This is the fastest way to accelerate the wear of your engine, especially in cold weather. Accelerate slowly when you start. It is during the first 10 to 20 minutes of operation that the engine and power train experience the greatest wear. Reheating the engine by letting it idle is not a good idea. Since the engine is not operating at its optimum temperature, fuel combustion is not complete, resulting in soot deposits on the cylinder walls, which contaminate the oil and eventually damage some components. Reduce the demand on the engine and automatic transmission by shifting to neutral at traffic lights. Without this, the engine is still working to move the car forward, even if it is stopped. Avoid driving at high speed and accelerating quickly, especially when it is very hot or very cold outside. This bad driving habit will earn you more frequent repairs. Extend the life of your tires by driving safely. Observe the posted speed limits. Avoid fast starts, stops and turns. Avoid potholes and objects dragging on the road. Do not ride on curbs or hit them with the tire when parking. When maneuvering, do not turn the steering wheel all the way to the right or left for more than a few seconds. This could damage the power steering pump. Group your short trips by car. Most of the wear, as well as the pollution generated by your car, occurs during the first minutes of driving. Try to do all your shopping at a time, during low traffic hours if possible, and your engine will thank you for longer.

Do not refuel if you see the tanker

If you see a tanker delivering gas to your local gas station, come back another day or find another station. By filling the underground tanks, it creates turbulence that can stir sediment. Once in your gasoline, these sediments can clog filters and fuel injectors, which can affect performance and require repairs.

Go easy when you’re bogged down

Trying to get out of the mud too quickly or the snow where you are bogged down could cost you a lot. Begin by moving forward and back slowly to create a slight rocking motion and attempt to release your vehicle. If it does not move, do not insist. Throwing your car back and forth repeatedly while spinning at high speed can generate a lot of heat and cause transmission, clutch and differential problems. In the long run, it may be cheaper to call the tow truck than risking high repair costs. It is always a good idea to have a traction aid in the trunk, such as sand, gravel, cat litter or metal claws.

 Lighten up your keyring

Does your car key share your keychain with a dozen other keys? If it’s yes, know that you’re putting a big load on the car key when it’s in the starter. The weight, combined with jolting when driving, can damage the internal mechanisms of the ignition system and possibly cause a contact failure. To extend the life of your starter system, purchase a lightweight keychain that will allow you to separate your ignition key from others.

Drive with only the ignition key in the ignition.

If your ignition key “sticks” when you try to start, this is a sign that your ignition system is about to give up. Replace it before you get stuck.

Protect your car well during storage

If you do not use your car for more than a month, store it properly to avoid unnecessary damage and repair when you return.Fill up with petrol to prevent condensation from accumulating in the tank. Add a fuel stabilizer and run the engine to spread the additive throughout the engine.Wash and wax the car to protect the finish. Place a vapor barrier on the floor of your garage. A 4mm polyethylene fabric will do the trick.Release the parking brake to prevent brake corrosion.Place the car on jack stands to remove the weight from the vehicle on the wheels and tires.Unplug and remove the battery to prevent it from emptying. Place the battery on a charger.Clog the exhaust pipe with a cloth to keep the moist air out.

Repair any defective caulking immediately

If your wiper is allowing rainwater to enter the interior of your vehicle, see if you can repair it or need to be replaced.Small leaks may be clogged with a brush sealant. You can repair sections that have play but are not damaged with a finishing adhesive. Torn parts can be repaired with special caulking sold in auto parts stores. You can also extend the life of worn, but intact sections by inserting foam rods, available at auto stores, into the hollow section of the weatherstrip.If you decide to replace entire sections of seal, do not just buy generic products like the ones you would use at home. Purchase a product that matches your car’s original wiper – available at dealerships and in mail order catalogs. Tape to repair broken signal lights If you do not quickly repair a broken rear light or a cracked flashing cover, you may see water seep into the light compartment and cause serious damage.Applying adhesive tape to the crack is a good short-term solution. Use red or orange tape designed for this purpose. You can buy it at a car parts store. Repair splinters on the windshieldIf you’ve caught a rock chip in your windshield, or it’s cracked, take your car to a specialized repair shop that can repair chips and cracks, even the longest ones. It will cost you much less than replacing the windshield. Repairs not only prevent splinters and cracks from spreading, they also improve visibility. Do not overload your car.Respect the load limits of your car, whether on the roof or indoors. These specifications can be found in the owner’s manual of your vehicle. Also check the maximum load that can support your roof rack. It typically ranges from 68 to 90 kg (150 to 200 lbs).If you have to carry a heavy load, think of having it delivered. This will allow you to spare the mechanics of your car … as well as yours.


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